Planned Features in the future

  • Add sharing functionality
  • Import media from iPhone
  • Add printing functionality
  • Add current folder path
  • Switch in thumbs view: thumbs or filenames list
  • Add sorting functionality in panel
  • Add Trackpad swipe gesture for prev/next navigation
  • Add basic file operations: delete 
  • Add thumbs item count
  • Add adjustable thumbnail size slider
  • Clean and uniform all left panel sections with toggle switch
  • Display waveform on Audio
  • Add slideshow, incl. settings for animation type to left panel: Ken Burns, Fade, etc.
  • Add menu dialog: open recent folders
  • Add menu dialog: support
  • Support for RAW image format
  • Add UI themes. Switching between bright and dark theme


Feel free to send us a your wishlist or proposals in the comments section below

14 thoughts on “Backlog

    1. Hey Alexander,
      thanks for the feedback. We also thought about showing subfolders. With a bit of conceptual work, how this feature could look like, maybe this will find its way into a forthcoming release.

      1. And one more suggestion: may be add function in “Controls” menu – “Open folder from previous session” or add possibility to open appointed folder when i open app.
        Have a nice day!

        1. Yeah thanks for that 🙂 A menu point “open recent folders” is already planned. Previous locations are stored since the first version. If you choose a folder or a file, Phiewer will open this location on the next start. The default path is /User/Images

  1. Needs three more features to be really usable.

    1. An obvious way to turn the music off in slide show mode.
    2. A way to randomize through the items in any mode rather than stepping through in file order.
    3. A way to delete an item from the FOLDER. I use tools like this to look quickly for unintended trash sometimes.


    1. Hi Chasbo,
      cool feedback, thanks. You’re right, the music on/off checkbox could be a bit more obvious. I’ll change this within the next release. Point 2 and 3 is already on the list for the planned features in forthcoming releases.

  2. I just downloaded the program and found that it sorts file names differently than the Mac does. I have a folder with photos named numerically from IMG_9285 to IMG_10408. I chose “Name A-Z” from the sort menu, and was confused to see IMG_10000 appear first, while the Mac file list puts them in numerical order, Phiewer puts all of the IMG_1XXXX files ahead of the IMG_9XXX files. It would be more consistent to have the files appear in the same sort order as they appear in the Mac file list. Thanks!

  3. This app is great, but it has one annoying issue: it keeps asking for folder open permission each and every time I double click on a photo.
    I tried several other apps and they only asked once, then they worked perfectly.

    I even bought the Pro version of Phiewer and it still asks for permission to open the current folder, each time I open a photo, it is very annoying and it only happens with Phiewer. Any help would be appreciated. Also, it would be nice to have an option to disable the transition effect between photos, that quick fade in fade out get distracting.


    1. Hi John,
      thanks for the feedback. I know the folder permission issue, it’s because of apples sandbox restrictions and the framework Phiewer is built on does not support bookmarks yet. I will see how this can be solved in the forthcoming releases. For a quick solution you can just open the folder with Phiewer, then no extra permission to read the folder contents will be prompted.
      I think it’s a nice idea to have control for the transition effect, thanks for that one. I think I will include it in the next releases

    1. Hi John, if you mean the scaling of the image inside the Phiewer window, no. But I will include some scaling options within the next releases.

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