Planned Features in the future

  • Add basic file operations: rename
  • Add sharing functionality
  • Import media from iPhone
  • Add printing functionality
  • Add current folder path
  • Switch in thumbs view: thumbs or filenames list
  • Add show in Finder functionality
  • Add FX editing (colorize, sepia, etc.) and saving functionality
  • Add sorting functionality in panel
  • Add Trackpad swipe gesture for prev/next navigation
  • Add basic file operations: delete 
  • Add thumbs item count
  • Add adjustable thumbnail size slider
  • Clean and uniform all left panel sections with toggle switch
  • Display waveform on Audio
  • Add slideshow, incl. settings for animation type to left panel: Ken Burns, Fade, etc.
  • Add menu dialog: open recent folders
  • Add menu dialog: support
  • Support for RAW image format
  • Add UI themes. Switching between bright and dark theme


Feel free to send us a your wishlist or proposals in the comments section below

8 thoughts on “Backlog

    1. Hey Alexander,
      thanks for the feedback. We also thought about showing subfolders. With a bit of conceptual work, how this feature could look like, maybe this will find its way into a forthcoming release.

      1. And one more suggestion: may be add function in “Controls” menu – “Open folder from previous session” or add possibility to open appointed folder when i open app.
        Have a nice day!

        1. Yeah thanks for that 🙂 A menu point “open recent folders” is already planned. Previous locations are stored since the first version. If you choose a folder or a file, Phiewer will open this location on the next start. The default path is /User/Images

  1. Needs three more features to be really usable.

    1. An obvious way to turn the music off in slide show mode.
    2. A way to randomize through the items in any mode rather than stepping through in file order.
    3. A way to delete an item from the FOLDER. I use tools like this to look quickly for unintended trash sometimes.


    1. Hi Chasbo,
      cool feedback, thanks. You’re right, the music on/off checkbox could be a bit more obvious. I’ll change this within the next release. Point 2 and 3 is already on the list for the planned features in forthcoming releases.

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