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  1. From a previous reply, i have Phiewer PRO and cannot find the Menu to “Sort A to Z” etc for my Photos. Can you help please.

  2. Hi, i really like your product. But i when deleting images while viewing it always jumps to the first image of the album. It doesn’t matter if i’m using the garbage bin-symbol or the keyboard-shortcut. This is very annoying. Am I the only one with this experience?

  3. I am running Phiewer free version 2.1.0 (67) on macOS Catalina. The app is very slow moving through photos AFTER a photo is deleted. My photos are stored on and SD card. It takes almost 10 seconds to load the next picture after one is deleted. I tried copying the photos to my hard drive instead of reading from the SD card but I experience the same result. I’m also experiencing that after the delete Phiewer goes back to photo #1 instead of continuing where it left off.

    1. Would love Phiewer to load photos directly from the iPhone and be able to delete images on the iPhone
    2. Would love to be able to rename image files from within Phiewer

    1. Hi Robert,
      usually there are no such performance problems with Phiewer. Please try to reset content and settings in the preferences window.
      Thanks for your suggestions. I have actually thought about an importer and also about renaming files. Will see what I can do within the next updates…

  4. Hi. You have a great product!

    Two suggestions:
    Please add support for webp, webp animated and webm. I can’t find any image viewer that offer these formats.
    I’d also love to have the ability to toggle showing all files in subfolders.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jonathan
      thanks for your feedback. Showing subfolders is wip right now for the PRO version

  5. Phiewer Pro doesn’t work for me … i have 6K photos and it can seem to load the thumbnails. Slideshow slide changing is not smooth. Also it would have been nice if the slideshow could randomize pics. I have an 2018 iMac with ridiculous free space so i don’t believe i am hardware bound.

    1. Hi Dave,
      thanks for the feedback. Yes there could be performance issues with real big images.

  6. Hi,
    I have two problems with the Pro version in MacOS 10.15. (1) Heic photos are upside down when loaded. (2) Thumbs are not visible. And I don’t see a refresh button. Please let me know what I did wrong? Thanks. Marc

    1. Hi Marc,
      thanks for the feedback. HEIC/HEIF files needed to be processed by Phiewer so the thumbnails will only be displayed when the image gets shown at least once. At the moment I have no way to do something about that. It is depending on third party libraries when these formats will be displayed without any extra processing.

  7. Hi – can you also make it so I can open or view more than one file at a time? When I take photos on continuous shoot I end up with hundreds of images – I’d like to be able to zoom in on two photos, see which is better, and then delete the poorer duplicate. Thanks!

  8. Already written but this is really annoying to me please help; Having set Phiewer as the default program for opening JPEG and GIF files, two times out of three, when I double-click on one of those files in Finder, Phiewer will open to its default start page (“Choose file, folder, etc…”) and ask me to press Continue on window: You have opened a single file. Phiewer needs access to the rest of the folder, for displaying image thumbs, pagination, etc.
    You will see this extra dialog only once. Please allow folder access to continue. But this is not only once but all the time 🙁

    Second, will you support video philes captured by iPhone, file tipe mov?

  9. As someone coming from Linux/Windows who is disappointed with the default macOS preview app, I]ve been testing out a bunch of image viewers and Phiewer is by far the best! Lightweight, blazing fast, and exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

    That said, there’s just one feature that I’m still really missing; the ability to open images from a finder search.

    What I’m looking for is the ability to do a search in finder, then open up all results images in Phiewer as if that search result was a directory.

    As a (web) developer myself I can appreciate there might be technical difficulty in this; I’m not sure for example if the search result is even visible to any other app at all, but it would be awesome if this was possible.

    I’d also be totally happy just with being able to do Cmd+A in the search results to select all, and then “open with Phiewer” as this would give the same outcome – but at the moment this doesn’t work; it opens as if only one single image was opened,

    If we could have this feature, I’d be so pleased!

  10. Hi, I’m a new user of the PRO version. So far I like this software but I would really like to be able to have the files automatically opened in full screen mode when I double click on one. I show a lot of images at my local camera club and this feature would be useful so I don’t have to manually go to full screen mode with each new folder. I am coming from a Windows environment and the Faststone viewer I used there has that capability.

  11. All my family pictures are stored in a folder structure. I am looking for a feature that would display a slideshow of full screen random pictures (from any of the subfolders) every time the computer is idle. It is very similar to the OSX picture screensaver BUT with the following added functionality:

    * back/forward arrows to look at previous/next picture
    * keystroke that would get you to the file location, so that I can edit or delete the file.

    Would you consider adding this functionality? Happy to buy the pro version.

  12. Is there an auto-save feature to quickly make adjustments like rotation without having to hit cmd-s all the time? Windows image viewer has this and it’s one of the features I miss the most after my switch to Mac

  13. Please add menu item “show item in Finder” which would open Finder window with the item highlighed.

    1. Hi Eric, in the main menu under file there is already this functionallity. It is also in the centext menu when you do a right click on an image.

  14. Hi, you program looks nice, but it does not show thumbnails of heic files automatically. You have to browse through them manually.

    Can you please add this functionality? I know that showing thumbnails for heic might be slower (but not THAT slow – see Commander One for example). but it wold help a lot and make your program finally usable for my use case.


    1. Hi Vlkodlak,
      thanks for the feedback. Actually heif/heic thumbs are displayed. Please hit the “refresh files and thumbs” button below the thumbs section. Let me know if this has worked for you…

  15. After recent updates in Mac OS, Phiewer Pro frequently crashes and screen turns white even with very few (<50) pictures. Is there an update available to fix this issue, please.

    1. Hi Macbeth,
      thanks for the feedback. I have not experienced any crashes on the lates MacOS versions. Could you reinstall the latest version of Phiewer PRO? If this still happens could you send me the logs? The log file is linked in the preferences window.

  16. I tried Phiewer for two minutes. I like it, because it is fast. Faster than the Preview which takes longer the more files you want to open. However, I miss the gestures to quickly pinch-zoom and drag around in zoomed images. Would looooove to see this feature added!

  17. One issue here: when accessing samba share, Phiewer will show the hidden files like “._P8211219.JPG”, which was created by MacOS. There seems to be no way to stop Phiewer from showing them…

    1. Hi Mit,
      thanks for the report. This is fixed in version 2.0.1. Hidden files are not shown any more.

  18. Thanks for the nice tool.. I would love to change the change some keyboard shortcuts.

    Especially ++F for switching to full screen. Because everytime you use this shortcut it also toggles the left side menu in and out. because is also used as shortcut for this action.

    In many Apple programs ++F is used to toggle the full screen mode … this shortcut would also not collide with the shortcut for the side menu.

    It would be nice if I could define my own shortcuts.

    1. Hi Frank,
      thanks for the comment. It’s not planned to add customized shortcuts. But you’re right, the standard fullscreen toggle should not toggle the side panel. I’ll see what I can do within the next updates.

  19. I just bought the Pro version – love the simplicity of the program! Well done.

    Request 1: Can you please add “shuffle/random” playback in slideshow mode for all the pictures in a folder?

    Request 2: Following comment nr. 5 above – please ensure a refresh function of a folder that has already loaded previously, so additional pictures/gifs get included.

    1. Hi Ralph,
      thanks for your feedback. You can sort the thumbs randomly and then start the slideshow, the images are presented in the order of the thumbs… or do you mean to shuffle background the music?
      There is a reload button to refresh the the thumbs.

  20. Would be fantastic to see deeper folder scan, RAW images, psd (Photoshop-file-format) suppport and an addition in the contextual menu open with “Photoshop” (or any other image editing app) and finally super fast NAS-drives support in a update soon 🙂

  21. Downloaded basic version from your website onto iMac. Thumbnails are not rendered. Files are .heic and .orf. Your input on resolving this appreciated

  22. I bought it before I realised that only one folder at a time was available on screen.
    I hope you have this marked as a future development?
    Otherwise I’ve wasted my money.

  23. Dear Thomas,

    just installed your software (Standard Edition). It looks very well.

    My question:
    I like the info screen about the file, but I cannot see the aperture used for the picture. I think the camera is writing this information into the meta data space. My iPad app from my DiskStation is showing thins information.

    On the other hand, your software shows the lense information, which is great.

    Will you be adding the aperture information or is something wrong with my environment?


    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Tobias,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll see if I can add the aperture information within the next releases…

  24. First time I’ve seen this product and gave it a try. May I ask if there’s a way to auto refresh the “folder” used in slideshow? Right now, the slideshow only plays existing files on that folder. Any new file copied over is not added in the slideshow unless the refresh button is hit manually.

  25. After installing the most recent update through the Apple store, the App crashes frequently and hangs up with a white screen. This will happen when I view folders containing less than 500 pictures or less than 200 gifs. This was not an issue previous to the latest update.

    I have tried both free and Pro versions.

    I am now using a competitor freeware version that is handling this task with no issue. (out of decency I will not post this product)

  26. Just installed Phiewer PRO from the App Store, having liked what I saw in the free version and anxious to add the editing features. Two major problems (I’m running the latest version of macOS High Sierra):

    1. Whenever I drop down the Filters section or click on any Effect in the Effects section, I get a “Loading Filters” or “Loading Effect” message with a spinning wheel on top of my picture that never goes away. I’ve left it alone for up to 10 minutes, after several times reloading the program, and neither the Filters nor an Effect will ever load.

    2 (This was true in the free version as well). Having set Phiewer as the default program for opening JPEG and GIF files, two times out of three, when I double-click on one of those files in Finder, Phiewer will only open to its default start page (“Choose file, folder, etc…”) and never continue to load the picture I’ve clicked on. Phiewer will eventually open the chosen picture from Finder directly, if I close Phiewer and do it again, usually on the third try.

    Apple installed a major security update yesterday to deal with the huge Intel Chip bugs discovered recently, right before I installed Phiewer, and this security update may be interfering with Phiewer (and, god help us, many other Mac applications) as we try to use our Macs from this point forward.

  27. Nice app. I would definitely buy PRO if you could support subfolders. My photos are organized in folders by date.

  28. Well I just bought phiewer pro and I cannot find the checkbox for turning music on/off at all for slideshows. I did find it in the free version. Help.

    1. Hi Michael,
      the checkbox is still there. Maybe you cannot see it because you haven’t the panel scrolled to the bottom position? See this gif of my panel scrolling to the slideshow music checkbox…
      panel scoll

    1. Hi Dirk,
      I am currently working on multi selecting thumbs for copying, deleting and printing on Phiewer PRO. So this will be released with the next update.

  29. You might like to know that, I guess due to some bugs in SMB2, Phiewer has trouble accessing NAS folders on SMB-mounted servers. The workaround is to mount the drive with CIFS, which uses SMB1. That solves the problem for Phiewer. But other non-sandboxed apps don’t have this problem requiring the workaround, fyi.

  30. Bei mir dauert es immer ein paar Sekunden, bevor ein Bild geöffnet wird. Als erstes öffnet sich das Fenster, quasi sofort, 1-2 Sekunden danach hat der Startbildschirm innerhalb des Fensters fertig geladen und erst 1-2 Sekunden danach wird das Bild angezeigt. Also zwischen dem Doppelklick auf die Bilddatei in Finder und der tatsächlichen Anzeige vergehen >2 Sekunden. Ist das normal oder woran könnte das bei mir liegen?

    Wenn Die Bilder sofort öffnen würden, man zB per Rechtsklick ein Bild zum Wallpaper machen, den Zoomfaktor zB rechts oben sofort sehen und man das Blättern mit MagicMouse Gesten deaktivieren könnte, wäre Phiewer noch besser als es so schon ist 😀


    iMac Late 2015
    MacOS High Sierra
    Phiewer Download Version

    1. Hi Andrew,
      thanks for the feedback. I will answer in english so everyone can understand…
      Loading time on app startup within 2 sec is normal. If Phiewer is opened there will be no more delay if you open a file or for example drag an image into the viewport.
      Set an image as wallpaper is a very good idea, I’ll give that a try within the next releases, also showing the zoom factor and disable/enable touchpad/magic mouse gestures.

  31. Hi zinne
    have installed phiewer 1.7 and also bought the pro version. These apps are coming close to my favourite Windows based picture viewer “Fast Picture Viewer” which i’m missing since switched to Mac – thank you!
    My wishlist:
    – the setting in the preference pane “none” does not work -> falls back to “normal” in both apps.
    – a feature of zoom in while clicking the mouse (centered to the mouse pointer location) to a adjustable predefined zoom factor is missing. It should display zoomed while holding the mous button and return to previous scale when release the button. That would be very useful!
    – In order to fasten the operation of picture change you could think of some kind of preloading pictures from storage (next or previous depending on direction) this could save wait times for disk/file load operations. (this is perfectly implemented in “Fast Picture Viewer”)

    1. Hi Felix, thanks for your feedback. I’ll fix that bug that the transition effect will not be saved correctly. Zooming and Preloading is already on my list, thank you.

  32. Hello, I downloaded Phiewer 1.7.0.dmg from the website, and it still sandboxed. It asks to open every file/folder. Also, when I grant permission, it just keeps asking over and over.

    1. Hi Lou,
      the actual downloadable version 1.7.0 isn’t sandbaxed. Maybe you have still the AppStore version running besides the downloaded version… You can check what version you are running by opening the Preferences. If there is an “Update” tab then you have the unsanboxed version. (Mac ApStore version doesn’t have this tab, because Apple rejects Apps with their own update functionality)

  33. Hi zinne,
    One missing feature I don’t understand is what I believe to be the super obvious trackpad pinch-to-zoom! Keyboard is nice and all, but at times you just want to have a closer look at a detail in particular. The current “+”/”-” scheme only allows to zoom in/out from the picture’s center, which is not always what a user wants.
    Also, I think a “reset” button would be welcome: for example, once you’ve rotated a picture, you have no way of putting it back the way it was originally (apart from rotating three more times, I know, but that’s just an example).
    In any case, great product, my go-to when I need a quick way to look or present pictures.

  34. This app does not work. I downloaded the app from the App Store, it asks permission to open folder for EVERY image making it useless for multiple file viewing. It did not render thumbnails for my Sony RAW files. I looked for how to download an unsandboxed version on this site, I may be missing it but the link is nowhere to be found.

    SUPER DISSAPPOINTED, not ready for prime time.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      I’m sorry you feel SUPER DISSAPPOINTED. Yes the sandbox issue is a thing that I am currently working on. You can just open a folder and not every single file, then the permission dialog will not be shown.
      Or to solve it completely as you have already mentioned you can just download the unsandboxed version directly:
      It’s the SUPER FAT GREEN BUTTON on http://phiewer.com with the label DOWNLOAD

    1. Hi John, if you mean the scaling of the image inside the Phiewer window, no. But I will include some scaling options within the next releases.

  35. This app is great, but it has one annoying issue: it keeps asking for folder open permission each and every time I double click on a photo.
    I tried several other apps and they only asked once, then they worked perfectly.

    I even bought the Pro version of Phiewer and it still asks for permission to open the current folder, each time I open a photo, it is very annoying and it only happens with Phiewer. Any help would be appreciated. Also, it would be nice to have an option to disable the transition effect between photos, that quick fade in fade out get distracting.


    1. Hi John,
      thanks for the feedback. I know the folder permission issue, it’s because of apples sandbox restrictions and the framework Phiewer is built on does not support bookmarks yet. I will see how this can be solved in the forthcoming releases. For a quick solution you can just open the folder with Phiewer, then no extra permission to read the folder contents will be prompted.
      I think it’s a nice idea to have control for the transition effect, thanks for that one. I think I will include it in the next releases

  36. I just downloaded the program and found that it sorts file names differently than the Mac does. I have a folder with photos named numerically from IMG_9285 to IMG_10408. I chose “Name A-Z” from the sort menu, and was confused to see IMG_10000 appear first, while the Mac file list puts them in numerical order, Phiewer puts all of the IMG_1XXXX files ahead of the IMG_9XXX files. It would be more consistent to have the files appear in the same sort order as they appear in the Mac file list. Thanks!

    1. Hey Palmer,
      thanks for the feedback. This is a good point… I will add this to the next release.

  37. Needs three more features to be really usable.

    1. An obvious way to turn the music off in slide show mode.
    2. A way to randomize through the items in any mode rather than stepping through in file order.
    3. A way to delete an item from the FOLDER. I use tools like this to look quickly for unintended trash sometimes.


    1. Hi Chasbo,
      cool feedback, thanks. You’re right, the music on/off checkbox could be a bit more obvious. I’ll change this within the next release. Point 2 and 3 is already on the list for the planned features in forthcoming releases.

  38. Hello! Your program is very good! Please add possibility to see (show) sub folders.

    1. Hey Alexander,
      thanks for the feedback. We also thought about showing subfolders. With a bit of conceptual work, how this feature could look like, maybe this will find its way into a forthcoming release.

      1. And one more suggestion: may be add function in “Controls” menu – “Open folder from previous session” or add possibility to open appointed folder when i open app.
        Have a nice day!

        1. Yeah thanks for that 🙂 A menu point “open recent folders” is already planned. Previous locations are stored since the first version. If you choose a folder or a file, Phiewer will open this location on the next start. The default path is /User/Images

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