Just hit the Slideshow play button to view your media folders automated with nice transition effects and background music. You can set the interval speed of each slide, choose transition effects and select your music from really cool handpicked background tracks. There is also the possibility to select your own music from your hard drive.

Setting the Slideshow to loop and you will have endless running Memories. You can even play videos and audio mixed within your Slideshow and the music gets automatically dimmed or muted for a nice Media Center like entertainment experience.



See the following example how a Slideshow in Phiewer looks like:


Pro Tip:
You can use the Slideshow as an endless looping audio player. If you open a folder in Phiewer with your mp3s (or whatever audio files) you can just hit the slideshow play button and your music keeps playing endlessly. And you can even watch the waveforms while it’s playing 🙂


Phiewer – Mac os image viewer