Preview is the default image viewer on Mac OS. It can handle a lot of things. But for browsing your images mixed with videos in a folder it is not always the best choice. So here is a possibility to change the way you view your media with Phiewer.

Preview will launch automatically when you doubleclick on a media file. To change the default media viewer on Mac there are some few steps needed.
If Phiewer is installed on you computer you can choose it by a right click on any image, video or audio file like this:

To launch Phiewer automatically when you doubleclick on a media file you have to set it as standard. To do this you have to choose “Get info” from the menu  when right clicking an image, video or audio file. Or just hit CMD+I to open the information window.

Toggle the “Open with” section and choose Phiewer. After that hit the button “Change All” and confirm the System dialog with “Continue”. Thats it. From now on every file type opens with Phiewer that have run through this procedure.



Phiewer – Mac os image viewer