With version 1.5.2 advanced Slideshow options were added to Phiewer. Now you can choose how your slides should look like when a Slideshow is playing. There are three new options for scaling the images within your slides.


  1. Fullscreen
    Your image gets scaled to fill the whole viewport. This is for a fullscreen media presentation slideshow. So you will see nothing else than your media on the screen. This has the side effect that portrait images for example will be scaled out of bounds. This sizing-option is also called “cover”
  2. Aspect fit
    The images will be scaled in the same aspect ratio to the maximum of the viewport bounds. So every image fits into the screen without any content out of bounds. Smaller images will be scaled up, larger images will be scaled down. This has the effect, that on some images the background appears as black bars around your media. This sizing-option is also called “contain”
  3. Original size
    This is almost the same as “aspect fit”. The only difference is that smaller images will be shown in the original size and were not scaled up. Images that are larger than the viewport will be scaled down to fit into the screen.


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