• Phiewer
    Mac OS image viewer
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    Mac OS image editor & media viewer
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Multiple Image formats supported: png, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, heif, heic, .svg, camera RAW: crw, cr2, dng, eip, erf, nef, nrw, obm, orf, pef, raw... etc.


Common Video formats supported: mp4, m4v, m4u, m4a, mkv, mov


Most Audio formats supported: opus, weba, webm, ogg, ogm, oga, wav, mp3, flac

Folder based

Incredibly fast and simple. Just browse your folders and play your media

Phiewer is the easiest and fastest way to view your images, videos and even audio files. It's folder based so you can just browse your media in one window without any extra clicking and selecting...

Mac os image viewer
Mac os image viewer
Mac os image viewer
Mac os image viewer
Mac os image viewer

Phiewer PRO
Phiewer PRO includes additional features like a customizable workspace & new tools for editing like filtering and effects

Mac os image viewer
Mac os image viewer
Mac os image viewer


Phiewer is incredibly fast and responsive. Your media fits fluidly right into your viewport, of course also in fullscreen mode. A simple controls panel and lots of shortcuts for browsing, rotating, play/pause, toggle fullscreen, toggle info panel and much more is built right in.


For any of your media you can toggle the info panel to see detailed information and Exif data for example.


Just hit the Slideshow play to view your media folders automated with nice transition effects and background music. You can set the interval speed of each slide, choose transition effects and select your music from really cool handpicked background tracks.

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